Ways to Stay Healthy when You Work a Demanding Office Job

If work life balance is a foreign idea to you, your job may be taking a toll on your health. When you need to be at the office more often than you get to be at home, changing a few habits could really improve your quality of life. Many companies are recognizing the benefits of encouraging their employees to lead a healthier lifestyle, so you may even be able to influence others in your office to join in on implementing some of these tips.

Make it a Game

Whether you are trying to eat healthy, walk more, or complain less, changing a habit is easier when there is a game involved. See if you can get other coworkers to get in on the fun and offer a reward for the most progress. Pair off into teams to really encourage each other and make it measurable in a way that can be tracked.

Get Enough Sleep

When you work long hours, it can be hard to get to bed at a decent time. By the time you get home after the gym or happy hour, maybe you want to make dinner, next thing you know it’s midnight and you have to be up again in five or six hours. Does that sound familiar? One in three American adults do not get enough sleep and it can cause our bodies to spiral downward. Sleep is the time when your body heals itself but a lack of sleep also places stress on your … Read More . . .